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At NexGen Tradies, we offer Roof Maintenance, Installation and Repairs – all under one roof.

Regular maintenance and repairs are the key to taking care of your roof, but it’s often forgotten.

Out of sight out of mind, right?  But don’t worry, at NexGen Tradies, we’ve got you covered.

For 15 years, we’ve been servicing Perth roofs, gutters, valleys and downpipes. Our professional, experienced technicians are highly skilled in the cleaning, repair, installation and maintenance of roofs, gutters and downpipes, for commercial and residential properties.


Why is Roof Maintenance so important?

Maintaining your roof may seem like an unnecessary expense, but you’re actually saving yourself money by doing so. Why? You’ll be preventing major and costing repairs in the future.

You probably don’t pay much attention to your gutters, but you should – your storm-water system plays a vital part in protecting your home.

Gutters and downpipes left uncleaned are prone to rust and corrosion; and over time holes develop allowing water to escape. There’s nothing worse than seeing water escaping under the eaves of a building or over the top of gutters, causing a real hazard.  A blocked gutter or downpipe can cause damage to foundations and internal components of the roof during heavy rainfall, resulting in major costs to owners.

Regular maintenance can help you avoid leaks too, or stop minor leaks from turning into major ones.

Protect your family (and your wallet) by investing in your roof for the future, with an annual roof review.


Roof Repairs

Leaking roof? Think it may be past the point of maintenance and require urgent repairs?

We offer roof repair services too and are here to help you.

If a replacement guttering, downpipe, or valley solution is required, we can even supply and install a solution to suit your home or building.

Have a soakwell that may need repairing? We can help with that too.

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